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Thank you for taking time to visit our site here at Cindy S. Stacey P.C.

I am a compassionate person and grateful for the opportunity to help people overcome financial difficulties or obtain the Social Security benefits they are entitled to.

There are many reason people get into financial trouble and most of the time it is not anything that could be controlled. Bad things happen to good people. The important thing is to deal with the situation and get your life back on track. Bankruptcy is a legal way to do just that.

As for SS disability, many who apply get turned down on there initial application. In fact, most people have to go to a hearing in order to get benefits. It can take well over a year to get a hearing so it is very important that a person is prepared for the hearing. That is where I help. I represent claimants at the hearing. there is no up-front attorney fee needed to retain me as your representative, my fee will be paid from back benefits which will be awarded to you if the case is won. If no back benefits are awarded, then there is no attorney fee owed.

Credit counseling or dept counseling can be very helpful to people in a financial crisis and for those considering bankruptcy I offer a free, no pressure initial consultation where I will analyze your unique situation and discuss whether or not bankruptcy is your best option. There are some situations where bankruptcy is not appropriate and would do more harm than good. I will tell you, if that is true for you.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I look forward to speaking with you and being an integral part in your financial solutions.

Cindy S. Stacey P.C.

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  • Previs bernard Seldon -

    Hi im previs seldon im behind on my house payments its in foreclosure im submitting paperwork to guild motgage for a payment option..there is no sell date yet…i make good money but iwent through a bad divorce and was awarded my house back by the court .if all fails i wanted to see if bankruptcy would be a better choice for me to keep my house as suposed to selling it aswell which i know iwant be able to get as much house as i have now

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